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Skin care tips

As it is well known, skin is an important organ in our body. It protects the body from unwanted external disturbances. Hence, it is important on our side to protect and maintain it. If it is not done, it can result in many unwanted conditions, some of which can result in serious consequences.

Everybody has unique skin characteristics. Depending upon the nature of skin, various management measures should have to be taken into consideration and practiced regularly. However, some of these methods are very much applicable to all situations. Some of the general management tips include the following:

  • Always maintain the right moisture content.
  • Always try to keep way from dust and other unwanted circumstances.
  • Periodically wash the skin to remove the dust, dead cells etc.
  • Apply sunscreamsetc to protect from sunlight and hazardous radiation.
  • include more vegetables and fruits in the diet.
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