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Skin rejuvenation


Photofacial is a more generalized term used for skin treatment using a technology that employs light. This method can be used for different purposes like treating brown spots, boosting collagen, treating the broken capillaries etc.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are employed in this treatment strategy.

IPL can be used for treating conditions like facial redness, brown spots, brown capillaries and stimulating collagen production. The number of sittings needed shall depend upon the condition to be treated.

Laser peeling

Another name of this method is laser re-surfacing. In such a method, a focused beam of light of sufficient energy is employed to remove the top skin layers. Deeper penetration can also be performed according to the individual requirement.

Usually, fractional carbon dioxide laser is used for this purpose. However, other lasers like Er:YAG lasers etc can also be used depending upon the individual requirement.

Those having the following dermal conditions can benefit from this treatment:

  • Loose skin.
  • Vascular lesions.
  • Scars & wrinkles.
  • Rough skin texture
  • Unwanted dark spots & tattoo marks.
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