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  • How can sun-burn be treated?

    Sun burns can be of different degrees based on the temperature. First degree burns are generally painful and red. The skin in the affected area can peel off and shall be replaced after a certain period. Second and third degree burns should be treated with various sun-creams. If the burn is severe, one has to consult a dermatologist immediately.

  • How can skin issues be diagnosed?

    Most skin issues present themselves very much visibly. A comprehensive physical examination can be very much help in diagnosing the various skin issues.

  • What makes skin an important organ?

    Skin plays a pivotal role in the following aspects:

    • Maintenance of body temperature.
    • Protection from injuries & external disturbances.
    • Prevention of infection.
    • Sensing of cold, heat,touch, pressure etc.
    • Aesthetic appeal
  • What are the various skin layers?

    The skin consists of 3 main layers:

    • Epidermis: the thin outer layer.
    • Dermis: the thick middle layer.
    • Hypodermis/subcutaneous tissue: The much deeper layer.
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