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Nail Treatments

Surgeries for nail disorders.

The nail is an important protective covering in the hand and toe tips. The objective of these structures is to provide a delicate and accurate movement. Sensitivity is also increased through the nails. If properly maintained, they can become appealing aesthetically. Due to the exposure to the external environment, the nails are prone to several disturbances and disorders. A number of surgical methods exist for the treatment of these disorders.

Some of the treatments are mentioned below:
  • Nail Avulsion: This happens to be the most common surgical procedure performed on nails. This is the process in which nail portions like the nail plate are excised from the primary attachments. The process is either done dorsally or ventrally. The surgical procedure is done primarily for excising tumor in the associated area, to allow for the full nail bed examination, to treat conditions like onychocryptosis etc.
  • Matricectomy: This is a surgical procedure that is performed on the nail matrix. The nail matrix is a layer of tissues that are located at the base of toenail or fingernail. In this procedure, the nail matrix is destroyed by ablating it either electrically, surgically or chemically. If the nail matrix is done in a complete manner, then it results in the nail plate loss.
  • Paronychial surgery: This procedure is used as a cure to paronychia, which is a kind of infection. The disorder can occur in those areas where there are no chances of having a protrusion. The condition can continue for quite a long time due to infection. Surgery is opted only under the circumstances when the antibiotics fail to achieve the desired effect.

Gel nails for cosmetically disfigured nails.

Nowadays, it has been quite possible to replicate most natural things in an efficient way. In the context of nails also, it has been possible for creating nails that are very much similar to the natural ones. Gel nails are examples of such artificial nails. These devices are manufactured in such a manner to cater to the individual needs. Gel nails of different sizes, shapes and coloursare available. This makes it is very much easy for the persons to select the nail structure according to the situation.

Intramatrix injections

As indicated by the name, they are injections that are given to the inner region of the nail matrix. The injections contain several medications that can be beneficial for the treatment of various medical conditions in the nail. Due to their large success rate, they are now becoming very much popular. These injections can either be given to the proximal or lateral nail folds.

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