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Injection Lipolysis for double chin/body contouring

The need for cosmetic procedures has gone up steeply from the last decade. The idea of beauty and personality has changed very much in these years, making cosmetic procedures one of the most sought after remedial options. With the changing lifestyles, a majority of the people have been affected with some kind of cosmetic problem. The most common issue seen is the excessive deposit fat in the body regions. The condition certainly has changed the appearance of individuals in a big way, developing the need of such procedure. Due to the simultaneous developments in the medical field, it has been possible to correct this condition also. Lipolysis is a procedure that comes into this category.

Injection lipolysis is a subcategory of this method. It is a procedure in which certain medications are injected in the patients. The main aim of such an action is to break the fat globules present in the concerning body portion. Therefore, the patient has to have a clear understanding about the body portions that have excess fat deposits. An example of the common sites where excessive fat accumulation can take place is the portion under the chin. Such a deposition can result in a condition, which is normally referred to as double chin.

Injection lipolysis is undertaken in cases where more conservative procedures like exercises, diet changes etc fail to give the desired results. However these habits can very well yield positive results if they are done along with this procedure. Rather than the cosmetic usage, this measure can also be employed to cure treat medical conditions. An example of such a method would be the removal of lipomas.

Injection lipolysis should not be considered as a method of losing weight. Keeping this fact in mind, it has also been proved that the same fat deposits that have been removed do not come back after treatment. The other benefits of such a procedure are minimum pain, less surgery time etc.

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