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I was plagued with acne out bursts when I started visiting Dr. Soni Nanda. So much so that I would wake up with two and sometimes three pimples every morning. Coupled with it I had racial pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

I work in a Fortune listed global major where to turn out well-groomed is a given. More so, I am in Human Resources and hold lot of meetings with both internal stake holders and external job applicants. I am not saying that good appearance and skin tone are keys to success however, lack of it is keenly felt in the corporate world.

Dr. Nanda understood my problem and approached it methodically. Her detail oriented and knowledgable approach helped allievate my delinquent acne. I do sprout few still, however I am sure it is more to do with me missing my work-outs. It is work in progress but I am happy with what I see. She has a very professional, no nonsense approach and yet possesses affable manner which instills lot of confidence that her treatment is going to work.


After I moved from U.S.A. my 11month old baby suffered from severe allergies from the different elements of the environment .He would develop severe skin legions during change of season which were itchy and on scratching would rupture and ooze blood. Due to itchiness he could not sleep at night. No mother wants a young baby to have sleepless nights. I went to Dr. Nanda when he was 5 years old and had suffered for long. She understood his problem (atopic) ,her medication and her continuous guidance to us lead to catching the problem and nipping it in the bud before it could worsen. That season my son slept well in a long long time. He never developed that acute form of allergy again due to steps taken by Dr. Nanda .My son is now 14 years old and his allergies are a thing of the past thanks to Dr. Nanda.

Now I am her patient .I am a soft skill trainer for Corporates and professional institutes. For my skin to look good is of utmost importance. In fact I am as good a trainer as my grooming. I am nearing 50 and Dr. Nanda through her cosmetic treatment has helped me keep fine lines at bay and I have an even texture and a healthy glow. My friends too have sought her help and have seen tangible results in their skin. Whenever I visit Dr. Nanda for my appointment I find there are more patients like me completely satisfied with her treatment.


Patient success stories are mostly personal experiences of various people who have been provided care by our experienced team of doctors and medical staff and nurses.

Many of them prefer to remain anonymous for various personal reasons.However they value the relationship with us and are willing to give direct feedback regarding care provided by us to anybody who like to make an informed choice of medical care at our facility.


In case you require the contact details of any of the patients for a private email or telephonic communication do place a request and we would provide you the details at the earliest.

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