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Radio frequency for the removal of skin tags/moles/warts.

The presence of 'bumps & lumps' in the skin such as warts/moles/tags etc can be very much disturbing to an individual. Studies reveal a decrease in the confidence level in those persons having these imperfections in their skin. Most growths in the face are considered to be benign and can be removed using some quick procedures.

Radio surgery is a treatment method used for the curing the above mentioned irregularities in the skin surface.

Removal of deep moles and warts with fractional carbon-dioxide laser.

The use of the laser has certainly revolutionized the dermal treatment field in a large way. Since laser is a powerful & focused stream of energy, it has to be employed with outmost accuracy. Laser is also a methodology that cannot be done in every case. Therefore, the therapy has to be chosen after analyzing individual requirements. The patient has to have a clear understanding that not every mole can be effectively treated using this treatment. Moles like large & deep moles cannot be cured using this remedial measure.

Carbon dioxide laser: This happens to be one of the earliest lasers developed and used. Although this remains a fact, this laser is also considered to be one of the most reliable form of continuous laser that can be applied for a wide variety of applications. The range of wavelengths of this laser is from 9.4 micrometers to 10.6 micrometers. One of the advantages of this type of laser is that several variants of this laser are available in terms of power emitted. They are also very much suitable in treatment procedures due to the fact that moisture can very well absorb the power emitted by these lasers efficiently.

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