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Forehead lines/ Lines around eyes


Forehead lines are not a strange thing for most of the people. It appears on the forehead. Aging is one of the common causes for forehead lines. Most of the elderly people face problem with forehead lines. But, it does not always catch only aged people. There are younger people who suffer lot due to the issue. Both men and women get forehead lines.


Aging may be a factor that causes forehead line. But, there can be other cause too. It may include:

  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Smoking
  • Hereditary factors and
  • Your skin type.


You can try using lotions, creams, glycolic acid peels, dermabrassion and deeper chemical peels to reduce forehead lines. But, the degree of success may vary according to your skin type and other factors.

The cosmetic surgeon may perform some simple and painless procedures to reduce forehead lines. One of the much known procedure for forehead line reduction is botox. It is a non surgical cosmetic procedure which is relatively quick and easy. A purified form of botulinum toxin will be injected to the concerned part. It may take three to seven days to get the complete result after the procedure. It may last for three to four months. Botox is a magical solution for forehead lines.

Absorbable injectable fillers is another approved method of treatment for forehead lines. Absorbable fillers may include collagen, hyaluronic gel, calcium hydroxylapatite and Poly-L-latic acid. Another solution is forehead lift surgery. The result of lift surgery may last for years.

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